Office Project Leasing

Office leasing is highly competitive. From the owner’s perspective, leasing the last space is often the difference between net loss and profitability. Endura’s proven, skilled and focused project leasing professionals give owners the representation they need to view the right deals and to close them.

The primary key to developing a property leasing strategy is to fully understand the client’s real estate and investment goals. Developing and implementing leasing strategies involving the client’s goals, market and competitive conditions, economic drivers and property specific positioning are crucial. Our leasing specialists have proven their success in both dynamic and difficult markets, so we know how to anticipate market swings and then respond appropriately to these trends. Ultimately, our focus is on our clients’ best interest and successful results.

Medical Office Project Leasing

With rapid growth in this sector over the last decade, Endura has successfully represented developers in the sale and lease up of their medical office projects.
In developing effective MOB leasing strategies, we work to fully understand the ever-changing medical environment. Developing and implementing MOB leasing strategies involves the client’s goals, market conditions, competitive set, economic drivers, medical business climate and property specific positioning.

Endura Advisory Group’s team of dedicated medical leasing professionals brings the needed experience and expertise to each project. Understanding the intricacies of medical leasing is paramount to creating and sustaining a successful medical office building. Each Endura team works carefully to assess a property’s specific area shortages and then works to draw in those specialty groups and individual physicians to provide medical services that are needed to fulfil the needs of each geographical region. Working in concert with the hospital administrators and each hospital’s physician recruiting director enables the Endura team to attract the most desired specialties to each MOB. Teaming with those hospital personnel enables us to correctly identify specialty needs that are lacking in each area and to attract those specialties and create an excellent tenant mix in each project.
Our leasing specialists are focused on our clients’ best interest and successful results, so that we ultimately succeed in maximizing property’s profitability and value.

Retail Project Leasing

Retail is perhaps the market’s most competitive leasing segment. Success depends on seeing all deals and then leveraging full knowledge of the owners’ objectives to maximize occupancy and return. Endura is dedicated to representing the interests of Landlord’s because we act and think like owners. As a result of literally hundreds of transactions, we have built a proven record of performance, a passion for what we do, and a long list of satisfied clients. Through years of experience, specialized research, and in-depth analysis we have vast knowledge of our local markets. We maintain proactive exposure of our properties to the end users and brokers alike. We continue to thrive in a competitive environment through up to date information, and by identifying market voids, consumer shifts and retailer trends.

We will leverage our expertise and tenant relations to deliver extraordinary results for our clients. We create a customized approach to achieving each and every client’s leasing goals. Local market knowledge allows us to produce a personalized merchandising plan, assuring the long-term viability of the project.
Our aim is to help our clients reach their goals, creating maximum visibility and exposure for every project and property we represent.

Investment Sales

The Endura brokerage team has taken part in sales transactions involving some of the most distinguished San Antonio landmarks. From the Philips Micro chip plant to the Washington Mutual Corporate Campus, our brokers’ sophistication and range of experience is aligned with national investment standards.

Office, medical office, retail, multi-family, hotels, and industrial properties are all in our scope of experience. Coupled with our knowledge of managing a variety of property types allows us to have an insightful underwriting ability that separates us from our peers.

Our client analysis is market and experience driven. Endura often manages assets we sell or acquire for our clients, so our underwriting is based not on guess work, but on real world data. Because we use real market information, driven by our market experience, we are able to develop informed investment assumptions.
We consult with our clients on timing and pricing their assets so they achieve the best returns and results, while advising them about adverse market climates and timing. We work alongside of our clients to determine the best short and long term solutions, which has resulted in long standing relationships evidenced by repeat transactions.
Ultimately, our focus is to continue to be instrumental in our clients’ ability to make informed decisions and to outperform the market.

Property Management

Endura’s success is achieved through exceeding our client’s expectations. We have assembled a team of management professionals who possess the industry’s most recognized and respected designations and licensing. They continually uphold the highest standards of education and excellence.  Endura’s property management teams consistently provide unmatched quality of service.

In a competitive real estate market, we do more than just safeguard clients’ investments. We are committed to increasing the value of properties while decreasing operating costs through effective maintenance programs and beneficial capital improvements.

In our experience providing a high level of quality service through rapid and appropriate responses contributes to increasing tenant retention. We offer a full range of management services that include, property and facilities management, construction management and specialized account reporting, as well as, other ancillary services.

We are committed to consistently deliver excellent customer service to develop long-term relationships with owners and tenants alike

Construction Management

Endura offers professional construction management services that are tailored to the size and complexity of each project. Staffed with proficient professionals, this department helps to ensure that a property’s structural integrity is properly maintained and building operations are not compromised. We go on to ensure that improvements are appropriately determined and the quality and value of services is optimized.

Regardless of the complexity of the assignment, we give the same high level of attention. We qualify and coordinate all necessary contractors, assuring that the project goes smoothly, schedules are upheld and the project contributes to the overall condition and value of the entire property.
  • Schedule and budget evaluations
  • Value engineering
  • Plan reviews
  • Accuracy checks on cost estimates
  • Analysing project alternatives
  • Structuring bid packages for lowest cost construction
  • Monitoring and coordinating daily construction activities   
Endura personnel are experts in analysing the needs of a property, offering critical recommendations, obtaining qualified and competitive bids and monitoring the quality of construction work through to its completion. This service contributes to the value of the physical structure, the ability to attract new tenants and maximize income and retaining new tenants.
Maximizing return, eliminating surprises and keeping costs under control is what guides us as we serve our clients.